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Hello and welcome! My name is Jennifer Tokatyan (pronounced Toe-Caughty-In). Thank you for visiting me. I love what I do. It brings me joy to help a leader, individual or team soar both personally and professionally. I believe it helps the world be a better place. That's why I am here - my purpose. ​


I come from a family of artists of all types (opera singer, costume designer, television writer and stone sculptor...) and somehow the universe pulled me in the direction of business. I naturally access creativity, intuition and insightfulness in combination with my practical and organized thinking into how I work. I have been referred to as a "business artist" but don't let the artist word spook you. I have a strong drive and track record to make things happen and deliver excellence.


I am originally from Inverness, a very small town in Northern California. I grew up in nature and love the outdoors. It is what grounds and inspires me. Being from a small neck of the woods, I deeply value personal connections and long-lasting relationships. College years led me to San Diego and it's been home ever since.​


I am happily married to David Levy, and I've been fortunate to be part of his three children's lives as they are now young adults navigating and succeeding on their paths.​I love being active - pilates, cycling, hiking, gym workouts and Pickleball. We also enjoy camping, traveling and organic gardening. At home we spoil our two Ragdoll cats, Pavarotti (Pavo) and Placido Domingo (Mingo). Yes, named after opera singers like my grandfather. I am very close to my family even though they live all over. Lucky me, I get to visit Italy where my mom and sister live in a beautiful medieval village in the mountains.


​I am a big believer in designing one's life with intention and purpose, being clear with one's values, goals and non-negotiables. This clarity inspired me to branch out on my own as a leadership consultant and leave behind a successful corporate career. Now I am blessed to work with a variety of leaders and organizations and help unlock their potential to thrive. I look forward to working with you.

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