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My approach is to get to know your needs and customize a plan to achieve the results that make a difference for you.

The packages here represent a peek into potential offerings to drive your journey forward. 

Don't see what you need?  

Contact me today and let's explore!

Package Examples


Talent & Team Optimization

Get actionable insights and plan to invest in your people and build, lead and sustain a high performing team(s) to positively impact your business.

  • Identify the type of leader you are, your natural drives and style​

  • Learn the type of team you lead, their individual and collective drives and work styles

  • Clarify your strategic priorities

  • Assess team strengths and gaps in context to priorities

  • Identify actions to optimize team performance


Culture & People Strategy

Create and lead an exceptional culture that attracts, engages and retains talent, delivers on your brand promise, delights customers and elevates business results.

  • Explore, define or refine your strategic goals, vision, mission and company values​

  • Evaluate existing or needed management and people priorities and practices to align with strategy

  • Identify practices, intentional or not, that work for your culture and work against it

  • Develop action plan to build on strengths and address gaps

  • Create actionable strategies


Human Resources Expertise

Do you need interim, intermittent or ongoing HR expertise?  I can be a business partner for you on a retainer, project or hourly basis.

  • Defined Scope / Projects: Create programs and processes such as onboarding, performance management, training and development

  • Retainer (3, 6 or 12 months): Ongoing access to expertise and guidance on HR practices, leadership,  organizational effectiveness,  and company culture

  • Hourly basis: When you need it


Strategic Planning & Team Retreats

Achieve your objectives with expert meeting planning, facilitation and follow up. Leverage your time together to build team cohesion, set and align on goals, vision, mission and ignite new ideas. Half day, full day or multiple day options.

  • Pre-planning to define goals​

  • Pre-meeting information gathering

  • Create and structure the agenda, format and processes

  • Skillfully facilitate to achieve objectives and ensure balanced participation and inclusion 

  • Post-meeting debrief with leader

  • Action item follow up and accountability support


Find & Hire New Talent

Leverage your time and investment with the expertise and best practices to find and hire your next exceptional employee who will bring talent, passion and purpose to your business. Scope can range from expert guidance to full scope hiring support.

  • Define clear job scope & job description​; create job postings

  • Source and screen candidates

  • Administer behavioral asssessment

  • Present final candidates

  • Advise on compensation package and offer terms

  • Provide guidance on onboarding plan to set up hire for success


Leadership Coaching

Dedicate the time you deserve to focus on your own professional and personal growth.


In a safe, confidential space, get clear on your vision, explore limitless possibilities, limiting beliefs and your natural strengths to unleash your potential and reach your goals. 

5 hour package

6 month package

12 month package

Hourly consulting available

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