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Complimentary 2023 State of Talent Optimization Report. The Predictive Index and HR Dive conducted a survey of over 150 HR executives to gather insights on hiring, attrition, and improving company culture. The data revealed crucial opportunities for companies to enhance their talent strategies and address current HR challenges. Below are a few of the top findings from the report.

Talent Optimization

Have you experienced the feeling of being on or having a dream team that makes magic happen everyday? For over 20 years I have helped companies hire and develop exceptional employees, build high performing teams, and align people & culture strategies with business strategy for optimal business results. Since 2001, I have been leveraging this expertise in combination with the Predictive Index, the world's leading Talent Optimization platform. As a Certified Partner with Predictive Index, I can help you create your dream team.

What exactly is Talent Optimization? Talent optimization is a strategic process of maximizing business results by optimizing the performance and experience of individuals, teams and organizations. It's a story of transformation with powerful impact. 

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