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Businesses develop strategies and plans to deliver exceptional results. They are striving to compete for business and talent – but the ingredients of organizational health connected to people and culture are often not part of the strategy. It is often overlooked, misunderstood or undervalued by leaders. Poor organizational health and misaligned culture can limit the potential of a company and can even kill it entirely. Leaders of companies have a choice - include culture into the strategy or ignore it.  


How do you know where to start?


This reference overviews four areas to evaluate the people and culture health of the organization.  They include: culture vibrancy, organizational structure, employee experience and talent optimization. Use the accompanying checklist to record your own assessment of your company or a company you are seeking to acquire. The results can serve as a roadmap on strengths to leverage and areas to focus on for enhancement or improvement. You will then have ingredients to create an organizational strategic plan focused on organizational health, people and culture and be in position to pursue steps to create a magnificent environment for your people to flourish and achieve the business results you seek. 


This toolkit package includes:

  • A guide that overviews 4 areas to evaluate the health of your organization or an organization you are targeting for an acquisition
  • A practical checklist and score to assess organizational health

Organizational Culture and Organizational Health Toolkit

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